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Wholesale sets for handcrafted products



  • 10 stars

    “I would give this 10 stars if I could. I used it to make DIY “squid socks”. Just add “squid dots” to the inside cuff of the sock and you have baby socks that actually stay on all day! And you can choose your own socks this way - just be sure to get the kind with an actual cuff.” – WI

  • Recommended for socks and rugs

    "I originally bought this to put on the bottom of some socks that I was going to crochet, however, I received an inside mat for my door that slipped around very easily. I pulled this out, put it on the bottom of the mat, and the mat no longer slides around. I did place a fine layer of the product initially and decided that I needed to put more on. It was dried overnight and now useable. Highly recommend this product for bottoms of rugs or bottom of socks to prevent slipping.” – Sandy Sandmeyer

  • Add grip to clothing- it’s that easy

    “Purchased this to add some grip to the inside of a bra back strap. It takes a couple of layers, but this is exactly what you need if you need to keep straps in place or keep stockings up. I’m sure it also works great on socks as they advertise too.” – Eleanor F. Small